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Happy March

Drop by Seamless to take a look at the new lines we are carrying including Happy, Dimples and the new moda line Filigree that just arrived!

Why Seamless?

Because life should be. Too often, because our lives are so busy, we compartmentalize - work, family, social, fitness, hobbies. When time runs out - and it always does! - the things that often get lost first are the activities that feed us,
like hobbies.

At Seamless, we believe that making - whether sewing, quilting, or designing -
is a great way to weave your life together. 

Join us in the Seamless studio or online to find out how making will enhance your life. We offer beautiful, contemporary fabrics, nifty tools and notions, inspiring books and patterns, as well as gifts with modern design flare.

Put our unique selection of sewing and quilting resources  to work during classes designed to build your skills as you create beautiful objects that you can use and enjoy every day.

The last few years have been crazy ! And it promises to stay that way for the foreseeable future. So plan to invest in yourself, and live life seamlessly! 

We’re here to help.

What We Sell

Seamless carries quality cotton, quilter's cotton, rayon, linen, canvas, and wool - all natural fabrics. We also offer a curated selection of books about quilting, general sewing, design inspiration, sewing with children, and more. Our notions include the basics as well as our own favorite tools.
We sell patterns, and help you find free patterns for your projects.

At Seamless, you will find the best in contemporary design and
practical resources for the sewing arts.

How our Gift Cards work

Gifts Cards purchased online can only be redeemed online. In-store Gift Cards may only be used in our Phoenixville PA store since that is how our e-commerce system works. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Local customers may order online, use their gift cards and pick up in-store.

Safety first...then sewing.

Read about our COVID 19 safety precautions here. We are committed to protectingour customers and staff with a safe and clean shopping experience.

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