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Beyond the Mask
(Not the movie!)

Written by Denise Martin  |  Posted on October 21 2020

Over mask-making yet? Wondering what else to do with that new sewing machine you bought four months ago? Wish you had listened to your mother when she tried to teach you to quilt?

Wonder, wish and regret no more! It's Seamless to the rescue.

If you’ve never sewed seriously (seriously?) before, we recommend getting off to a solid start by signing up for a beginning sewing class. You’ll learn the basics, which you can then apply to making clothes, bags, gifts, quilts, dolls and more.

If you have some sewing experience and want to broaden your creative horizons, check out a beginning quilting class. Master the quarter-inch seam, nesting your seams, squaring a block, and other fun skills you’ll need to move on to sewing really memorable projects.

And if you’re into 3D, explore classes in bag-making, doll-making, clothing, and all the ways that fabric can add dimension to your like.

A few masks are okay. And certainly you should keep making them for our first responders and those who need them. But now’s the time to give yourself a treat. Enjoy that new or old machine. Put some color in your life. Make new friends. Add to your knowledge base. And, heck, just get in there and have fun! Time to live seamlessly.