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Do Give Me Some Lip!

Written by Denise Martin


Posted on December 11 2020

At Seamless we use O’Lipfa rulers to cut yardage at our cutting tables. More often than not, customers remark that they’ve never seen a ruler with a lip. 

Well folks, welcome to the world of straighter cuts. Lip rulers, like T-squares used for architectural drawings and carpentry, create the perfect right angle needed to set two perpendicular lines. And the lip keeps your ruler from moving that fraction of an inch that can ultimately add up to more than a fraction. Plus, lip rulers are especially great for cutting strips since they come in lengths up to 36”.

Here’s how it works…

You’ll need a cutting mat with accurate lines. Self-healing mats (green, blue, gray by Olfa, Fiskars, etc.) are, arguably, more accurate over time than softer, white plastic mats without self-healing properties.

O’Lipfa rulers have a thicker edge at one end, which catches on the edge of your cutting mat to so that you can line up the ruler edge with the grid printed on you mat.

Be sure to line up the ruler lip with the mat edge, not your table edge

Also be sure that ruler edge is tracking on the same vertical line from bottom to top.


That’s all there is to it.



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