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You’ve worked hard to piece that special quilt. Now how do you get it quilted?

Seamless is pleased to offer edge-to-edge (E2E) quilting services in our store in Phoenixville, PA. Edge-to-edge, computerized quilting produces a consistent, professional pattern from one edge of your quilt to the other. The effect is a beautiful texture that can be enhanced by using colored or variegated thread. 

We also offer custom, free-motion quilting for projects with appliqué or any elements that preclude E2E computerized quilting. Please call for an appointment if you want custom free motion.

To get a price quote based on the information below, call us (484-920-8971) during business hours or email us anytime at

  • Width and length of your quilt top 
  • Type of backing you will provide or purchase at Seamless: pieced or 108” fabric
  • Choice of batting from Seamless: Pellon 80/20, Quilters Dream 80/20, Hobbs 80/20 or bring your own at least 2" larger on each side than your top
  • Whether you want your project squared, bound or both
  • Whether you want E2E or custom free motion quilting.

When you call, we will calculate the price on the spot and answer any questions not covered here. There is a $50 minimum for quilting services.

We can quilt projects from table runners to king size (116”). 

We have many E2E designs from which you may choose when you drop off your project. Select from floral, animals, abstract, stars and stripes, and more.


  • Choose quilter’s cotton fabric for your backing. Please do not use a bed sheet, as the thread count is too high for a good result. We also do not recommend knits, drapery fabric or heavy fabrics such as canvas.
  • Backing may be pieced or you may use 108” cotton. Mark the top edge with one safety pin.
  • Backing must be pieced horizontally so that the backing rolls evenly (vertical is accepted for directional fabric).
  • Pieced seams must be 1/2". Trim off all selvedges first.
  • Iron all seams to one side, do not iron open. 
  • Mark the top of the backing fabric with a safety pin.
  • Backing size must be 10” wider and 10” longer (overall) than your pieced top.  For Example: If your top is 40" x 60", your back should be 50" x 70."
  • Please do not bring us a backing that is larger than the dimensions above. There will be an added charge if we need to cut your backing to the correct size.
Preparing Top
  • All seams must be at least 1/4". If your seams are too narrow and/or seams have come apart, we will not be able to quilt your project.
  • Be sure to cut loose threads or they may show through your quilt top.
  • Iron all seams flat.
  • Spin seams, if possible, where 4 straight seams meet.
  • Quilt top must be squared.
  • Mark the top edge with one safety pin.

Please expect additional charges for quilt tops that are not prepared properly.

Generally we can complete your quilt in 3-4 weeks. When you call, we can give you a more exact estimate.

Trimming and Binding
We leave the trimming and binding to you! But if you wish to get a separate quote for trimming and binding, we are happy to oblige.

Our Terms and Conditions
We understand that you have worked hard on the project that you are entrusting to our quilting services. And we hope that you will understand that we intend to treat your project as we would one of our own. However, quilting is a craft - even computerized longarm quilting - and is subject to human error and sewing machine malfunction. While we will make every attempt to present you with a finished project that meets your expectations, we cannot be responsible for misunderstandings based on differences between your expectations and our final work. To avoid these discrepancies, we ask you to be as clear with us about your preferences as we will be with you about our capabilities based on experience. Our longarm machine is controlled by computer software, and, although we do our best to ensure a satisfactory result, on rare occasions a problem can occur which may cause damage to a quilt top or backing.

Media Release
By using our quilting services you are consenting to the use by Seamless Sewing Arts Ltd of photos and videos of your project in any and all of its electronic and print publications, websites, and social media channels.