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 seamless gallery view, Kathryn Jensen White exhibit
L to R: Gallery View, "Crayon Etching (detail)," "Buttonbet
(detail)" "The Magic of Six Dots: The Braille Alphabet (detail)", "Little Stabs: Sashiko Alphabet (detail)" "Edgy Alphabet (detail)" 

Kathryn Jenson White

Abecedarian Quilts!

Alphabets of all sorts are those little rooms
that are everywhere.

As I was writing a magazine article in 1987 about the strong resurgence of interest in quilting, this lifelong crocheter took a beginning quilting class. I was hooked. After a few years, I hyphenated my fulfilling career as a wordsmith (professor of English, professor of business writing, professor of journalism, magazine and newspaper feature writer, lifestyle columnist and film critic) with my newfound passion to become a quilter-writer, a quiltsmith
who focused on alphabet quilts. 
Since 1992, I have focused on making alphabet quilts of four sorts: traditional alphabets with a twist, alphabets of cultures other than my own, alphabet quilts in various quilt genres (EPP, yoyos, feedsacks, flannel, wool, etc.) and A2Z quilts (which contain a theme-driven word for each letter of the alphabet). They are pieced, traditional appliquéd, blanket stitch appliquéd, collaged and embroidered. Today’s count is about 65 finished quilts and tops ranging from a few wall hangings to many full-sized quilts. And, of course, about 10 WIPs! 
While I have made and will make quilts for loved ones, these days I really make for myself. Quilting got me through the pandemic’s longest days, weeks and months. I read early in my live-alone-far-from-family isolation, which I call my Year-Long Solo Quilt Retreat, that humans exist emotionally on a spectrum from languishing to flourishing. One of the keys to being on the better end of that spectrum is finding “flow,” a state in which you are creative and engaged and without a sense of time passing. Quilting has always put me in flow, even the scut work parts of it. Even when I am within the field of grief or worry or frustration.
The concept of a fixed set of signs, symbols, glyphs or characters that create ever-changing cultures, make relationships, lead to great science and art, etc., makes me think of a line from John Donne, the great 17th century Metaphysical poet. In his poem “The Good-Morrow,” he says of the faithful love he has for his beloved that it “. . . makes of one little room an everywhere.” His beloved contains all the travel and the variety and the constant delight of discovery that fools believe a committed relationship forces one to give up. I agree with Donne. Alphabets of all sorts are those little rooms that are everywhere. My committed relationship to this very specific quilt genre has nourished me in its infinite variety.
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