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The Seamless Gallery has dedicated space in our Phoenixville, PA shop, but quilts and projects are on exhibit throughout the store. We display quilts, crafts and projects by local makers, who are welcome to respond to Seamless's monthly call for work.

If you are interested in displaying your work in our gallery, contact us at If you appreciate handwork and crafts, stop by the gallery and be inspired!


Featured Artist

Siena Baldi

 Siena with Calavera, her first quilt!

 Calavera is the very first quilt I designed from scratch. I had learned some piecing basics from a visiting quilting artist and challenged myself to make something spectacular.

The mesmerizing background used 16 yards of fabric alone. All of the circles were laser cut out of reclaimed textiles and I hand appliqued them in place. The skull imagery was inspired by a screen print I made which was in turn inspired by color blindness tests. I quilted the entire quilt in a few days in my first foray with a long arm quilting machine.

Ambitious? For sure! It was a really fun process that took two months from start to finish. I'm very glad to see it's on display again! 

Read more about Calavera and Siena's study of tests for colorblindness, a study that inspired this quilt and a series of prints.

Siena is the daughter of Diana and Bruce Baldi, former Phoenixvillians (hmmm...) who now reside in Ambler. Diana is the president of the Phoenixville Area Time Bank, and Bruce is a member of the Board. Siena currently lives in Hawaii (nice!).