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Linda Hamel

I can go into my sewing room, become absorbed in a project and leave life’s worries behind for a bit.

My very talented mother taught me to sew as a young girl, but my first exposure to quilting was in the 70s with the revival in interest of traditional crafts around the American Bicentennial. 

I really didn’t do too much over the years until the late 90s when I became involved in making children’s quilts for local hospitals.  Then a friend told me about the existence of ‘quilt guilds’ and I was totally hooked.

I totally enjoy the creative aspect of quilting.  Perhaps that I why I just love to participate in guild challenges so much. It is so rewarding to come up with novel design ideas and then find some way to make that picture floating in your head become a reality. I also find sewing a good stress reliever.  I can go into my sewing room, become absorbed in a project and leave life’s worries behind for a bit.

I have made a huge number of quilts for family and friends through the years, but I sew for myself first and foremost.  When my interest has been piqued, it really doesn’t matter if there a purpose or obvious need for a quilt.  If I want to try a new technique, design or workshop, I just love to jump in and start the fun!

“Eclectic” is the way I would describe my work.  I enjoy the amazing variation of the quilting world from fabrics and techniques to traditional, Asian or modern design.  So, my work has really hopped throughout that world over time.  

I enjoy piecing the most, then perhaps using raw edge techniques in my work.  Quilting, ironically, is my least favorite part of the process.  I will attempt smaller projects but leave larger quilts to the talents of local longarm quilters.

There are so many fabric designers whom I admire: Lonnie Rossi, Jane Sassaman, Kafe Fassett come to mind, but often it might be the latest artist I’ve seen featured in a magazine or quilt show.

Linda is a member of the Valley Forge Homesteaders Quilt Guild and the Loose Threads Quilters Guild.



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