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 L to R: Melissa Ciacci, Gallery View,"A Primitive Garden" detail, "A Primitive Garden" detail, "A Primitive Garden" detail, "A Primitive Garden" detail, 
"Delight" detail 

Melissa Ciacci

Sewing and handwork are creative outlets and are relaxing for me.  I can lose myself in my projects.

I come from a family that  sews. My grandfather and grandmother, my mom and my sisters all sew(ed). And we  all quilt, but I am the only longarm quilter in the family. 

Much as I enjoy quilting, my first love is hand sewing. Hand embroidery exactly. My best friend Shirley Frank introduced me to counted cross stitch, which opened my  world to all types  of hand needlework.  

Then my son-in-law Markus Wolfe taught me how to crochet! What a joy it was for Markus to share this with me, and I with him. 

But the world of quilting really didn’t open up for me until I went to the Lancaster Quilt Show in 2007 where I met Sibylle Von Olfers and saw her quilt 'Mother Earth and Her Children.' I realized then that I could combine my love of hand needlework with quilting. Heaven!

I enjoy free motion quilting because I love to draw with thread. But, really, I enjoy all types of handwork and needlework: crewel, crochet, sashiko, Russian needle punch, needle turn appliqué quilting - you name it!

I sew and quilt for myself, clients, friends and family. To celebrate graduations, weddings , births, and for the memory of loved ones passed.  A bit of everyone's heart  goes into their work, and I am honored to quilt for them.  They entrust me with their creative work and visions, and I give them their dream realized.  

My 'work' is thankful.  I am thankful that I am able to do it because it is a pleasure to be creative. And I love seeing other's enjoy what I have made for them.

Finally, I would say that my stylistic interests are all over the place, from traditional to modern to in between.

My mom, Maggie Walker-Martin is my favorite fabric designer.


Melissa Ciacci offers professional free motion, longarm quilting from her home.
She may be contacted at: (484) 354-4331 or



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