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Quilting - Improvisational Piecing I


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Improvisational piecing is a hallmark of the modern quilting movement. Learn basic techniques for improvising with a plan. You will learn four fundamental motifs:

Ruler-made and free-cut stripes
"Polka dot" motifs
Log Cabin-based forms
Triangular forms

Combine them with an eye to color and composition for a dynamic, modern, totally personal result.

Classes: 3 classes of 2 hours each

Prerequisites: Beginning Quilting or comparable experience

Level: Confident beginner, intermediate

Supplies: list will be sent via email from prior to class

Suggested follow up classes: Improv II

Class Policies: Be sure to read our Class Policies prior to registration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Linda Farr
Improv Quilting 1

This was a wonderful class --great at freeing up your quilting, and working outside the lines! Loved it and would take it again!

Mary Iverson
Improvisational Quilting I

This is a great class to take if you want to expand your quilting repertoire. Each of the three sessions were well structured. The instructor included opportunities to explore individual students interests and questions. She provided suggestions and resources and created a safe space for students to share and collaborate. I learned new techniques, gained different perspectives and am excited to sign up for Improvisational Quilting II.

Janet Henshaw
Improvisational quilt class

I love the different aspect of this class, very interesting