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Eurosteam Next Generation Steam Iron

The Eurosteam® Next Generation Steam Iron is professionally designed for home use. Its uniques internal boiler design produces powerful bursts of steam through a ceramic coated sole plate that glides effortlessly over any type of fabric. With just one setting you can iron fabrics from denim to silk, corduroy to velvet and 
NEVER burn, scorch or crush the fabrics. The distinguishing feature of the Eurosteam Next Generation Iron is the ability to iron all fabrics with the same setting. 

The unmatchable 1000 watts power of the steam iron produces efficient wrinkle-fighting steam,and the elongated tip makes ironing between buttons, belt loops and other hard-to-reach places very easy. Because it has an internal boiler, the Eurosteam® Next Generation Steam Iron makes a "drier" steam that can even be used on patchwork piecing without fear of stretching the fabric or distorting the seams.